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refunds, returns & cancellation policy

Kingdom Print and Media prides itself on maintaining the highest quality in our screen printing and embroidery industry. We spend extra attention on the front end of an order to make sure your specific desires are met so that when the final product arrives you are satisfied. As part of our commitment to diligently ensure this satisfaction, we require our customers to sign off on every order detail for both the item/size/color ordered and the design color/placement/size too.

Please note it is extremely important that a customer pay attention to all the specifics in the order sign-off process to ensure that the end result is correct.

 order returns 

All orders are custom to fit each customers needs. Because of this, once an order has been put into production it cannot be returned or cancelled. If your final product arrives and you believe it is different than what you signed off on, please contact your sales representative immediately. We will review the complete order with an internal investigation and determine if your order qualifies for reproduction.  Typical guidelines for screen print, embroidery, or direct-to-film spoilage are: 2% of total quantity for standard items with standard decoration, 3% of total quantity for specialty decoration on standard items and 5% of total quantity for non-standard items 

 misprinted items 

Occasionally in large production runs, a few items are misprinted and are distinctly different than the correctly printed or embroidered order. Another potential problem is garment or item defects could have made it past our quality control and been included in your overall job. If this is the case with your order, please contact your sales representative with the specific item(s) and problem. If the misprint quantity is larger than 5% of your total order, then you may *qualify for having the individual items replaced with a reorder. If you already plan to place a reorder and misprinted items can be included in that run if need be. *qualifications will be determined based off the circumstances of the order. 

 order cancellation 

In most cases, our order process does not start until the work order is accepted online or signed and returned to our office. Immediately following your order acceptance, our accounting department will review the order and our production department will purchase blank goods for your order from one of our several wholesale resources. An order cannot be canceled once the goods have had any part embellished. Customized goods are not returnable to our wholesale firms, so we cannot credit you for any placed order that has been decorated.

If you elect to cancel your order after we have already purchased the wholesale blank goods, but before they have been embellished, then you will need to pay a 25% restocking fee of your order total and any shipping costs associated.  The restocking fee represents our real costs to return the blank items back to the wholesaler.  We must always pay a restocking fee to return any goods as well as the freight costs to transport the goods.

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